Payment methods for real estate

Are you planning to move to Turkey or Northern Cyprus? Or perhaps you are considering the option of buying real estate with subsequent resale? Then you will definitely need information about the most famous and frequently used payment methods.


Bank transfer

When purchasing real estate, a tripartite agreement is signed between the buyer, the seller and the agency, which acts as a guarantor of the fulfillment of obligations. To transfer funds to the seller's account specified in the agreement, the SWIFT international payment system is used.

Despite the fact that not all Russian banks support SWIFT transfers, this payment method remains quite possible. For example, Raiffeisenbank provides a SWIFT transfer service in euros. In addition, regional banks, as a rule, can also process the payment.

It is also possible to make transfers in rubles. Almost all Turkish developers have ruble accounts in Turkish banks, which allows them to make payments in rubles for the purchase of real estate. In the same way, you can make transfers in Turkish lira, for example, by sending funds to your account through Gazprombank.

Unfortunately, citizens of Ukraine are not able to make transfers due to the cessation of the use of SWIFT in the country. Citizens of other countries can continue to make transfers without restrictions.


Cash payment

When crossing the border, each citizen has the right to take out up to 10,000 euros without declaration. From Russia, each person can take out up to 10,000 dollars (or the equivalent in another currency) without mandatory declaration.

For families who purchase real estate from a developer in installments and have the opportunity to travel frequently, phased withdrawal of funds becomes a convenient and practical method of payment.


Through trusted company representatives

This method of transferring money has become popular due to difficulties with SWIFT transfers.
This is a reliable, proven and streamlined method for making payments to UpTrend Homes. We accept cash anywhere in the world in euros, dollars or any other national currency, having previously agreed on an exchange rate. After receiving the funds, we issue a receipt and the amount is transferred to Turkey or Northern Cyprus on the same day. These transactions are absolutely safe and are confirmed by hundreds of successful transactions, strengthening our impeccable reputation. For providing this service, our trustees receive a reward, usually in the amount of 1-2% of the transfer amount.



Almost every developer in Cyprus has a crypto wallet that accepts payment in cryptocurrency. In Turkey, the use of cryptocurrency is not yet widespread, but we have a simple solution to this issue. We cooperate with trusted Turkish partner companies that have crypto wallets. They accept cryptocurrency transfers, cash them and transfer the funds to our company. Next, we use these funds to pay the developer when purchasing the property.

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