Turkish citizenship

How to obtain Turkish citizenship and what does it give?


Obtaining Turkish citizenship opens up a wide range of privileges, including access to health care and social benefits in Turkey, the ability to easily open a business and an account in European or American banks. In addition, a Turkish passport allows visa-free entry into 118 countries and a simplified procedure for obtaining a visa to the US or UK.


How to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Investing in real estate represents the fastest, easiest and most transparent route to obtaining Turkish citizenship. This is a kind of investment approach that provides the opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship through real estate investments.

The cadastral value of such real estate must be at least $400,000. It should be noted that cadastral and market values often differ significantly: in order to save on taxes, real estate developers often underestimate it.

Investment property purchased for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship must be registered in the name of a Turkish individual or legal entity. Real estate owned by a foreigner is not suitable for achieving this goal. In addition, property that has previously been used to obtain citizenship cannot be reused to request this status.

After purchasing real estate, an encumbrance is placed on it: you can live in it, rent it out, but you can sell it only after three years. When purchasing real estate under construction, it is important that the seller has ownership of the property. When purchasing a ready-made property, the property must be owned by the seller for at least 3 years in order to be suitable for use in the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship.


The process of purchasing real estate for citizenship

  1. It is important to notify the agency of your intention to purchase real estate for the purpose of obtaining citizenship. This will allow the manager to effectively select objects that meet all the requirements and criteria of the Turkish citizenship program.
  2. After selecting the desired property option, the agency will conduct an additional check of all documents to ensure they meet the requirements for obtaining citizenship.
  3. Then a contract is concluded. Payment is made exclusively by transferring funds from the buyer's account to the seller's account with the correct comment. At this stage, a lawyer from Uptrendhomes becomes involved in the process and deals with the legal registration of citizenship for the buyer. The lawyer consults on every detail of the comment accompanying the payment. This is necessary to prevent possible mistakes that could make the property ineligible for Turkish citizenship.
  4. An examination of the real estate is carried out and the ownership of it is registered. After this, the buyer can begin the procedure for obtaining citizenship by issuing a power of attorney to the lawyer responsible for the professional conduct of this process.
  5. Upon completion of the procedure for obtaining ownership of real estate, a certificate is issued confirming that the property meets all necessary requirements. This government document confirms that the transaction was carried out in accordance with the law, and this property provides the right to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  6. Using a power of attorney, the lawyer issues a residence permit for the investor.
  7. The investor is given a package of documents to consider the case of conferring Turkish citizenship. The case is assigned a number that allows you to track the current stage of its consideration.
  8. After 3-6 months, the President of the Turkish Republic signs a decree conferring Turkish citizenship on the investor.
  9. A new citizen of the Republic of Turkey receives an ID card and a passport. Originals of completed Turkish passports are delivered by mail to the mailbox specified when applying for a residence permit.


A package of necessary documents for obtaining Turkish citizenship

– passports and their translations of those applying for citizenship. That is, the investor - the person to whom the real estate is registered, his spouse, as well as their minor children;

– birth certificates of all those applying for citizenship. Certificates must be apostilled and translated into Turkish;

- Marriage certificate. Also with apostille and translation into Turkish;

– 12 biometric photographs;

– certificate of family composition with translation into Turkish;

– a certificate of no criminal record for all family members over 16 years of age.


The process of obtaining citizenship by investment program at Uptrendhomes is a perfectly streamlined and optimized process. Our specialists take care of all bureaucratic procedures, saving investors time, effort and money. It is enough to notify the agency of your intention to obtain citizenship and have the necessary amount to purchase real estate, and all stages of document preparation will be taken under the control of experienced experts.


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