Online viewing

Procedure for online display of real estate in Turkey

The online property showing process begins with an inquiry from a potential buyer. We will then set up an online meeting for you with our agent, who will be responsible for conducting the virtual tour. We agree on the date and time with you, then the agent goes to the property of interest. Using any messenger, for example, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram or any convenient for you, he will contact you and virtually guide you through the apartment or house you are interested in. During this excursion you will be shown the surrounding area, the accessible infrastructure of the complex, and its appearance. They will also introduce you in detail to the different rooms, kitchen and bathroom and talk about the features of the layout. They will show the view from the window. In addition, the agent will answer any questions you may have during your virtual viewing.

Advantages of online property showing 

There are several benefits to an online showing instead of a physical visit, including:

- cost savings - no need to pay for air tickets and other travel expenses associated with physically visiting real estate properties before making a purchase decision.

- time saving - digital tours can be carried out quickly and efficiently, without the need to wait for transport or book accommodation in advance.

- flexibility - online tours can be carried out at any time convenient for both parties, regardless of their location or time zone difference, which allows buyers from all over the world to get acquainted with Turkish real estate without having to travel here in person!

- freedom of choice - you are not limited in any way in viewing, we are ready to show as many apartments as you need to make a decision.

What is needed for online display? Reserving an apartment for purchase after online viewing

After the online viewing, if you are ready to take the next step in purchasing the property, after confirming all the characteristics and the property itself, we can discuss the final sale price, payment terms, document flow, etc. We prepare a purchase and sale agreement and send it to you by email for your review.

Uptrendhomes agency services for online viewing of real estate in the Republic of Türkiye

Our agency UPTREND HOMES specializes in the rental and sale of any real estate throughout Turkey. We are ready to provide assistance both in purchasing a home and in choosing commercial real estate or land. The service of virtual tours of real estate objects is carried out using high-quality equipment that allows you to convey the smallest details of the premises being viewed. In addition to online tours, we provide our clients with access to high-quality video footage filmed by experienced professionals who know how to capture every angle to ensure viewers get the fullest understanding of each property before making any decisions! You can study the video footage filmed in advance at any time convenient for you or show it to family members. In conclusion, viewing apartments online is becoming increasingly popular as it offers great convenience and flexibility for both sellers and buyers. It allows future owners to view apartments and any real estate without leaving home, without having to use transport or take time off from work. The ability to virtually walk through a potential home or business location gives buyers the chance to get an accurate idea of what a property looks like before deciding to visit it in person or making an immediate purchase decision. By viewing apartments online, you can quickly and easily find your ideal property!

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