Natalya and Nadezhda Tetenok 🇷🇺

“They don’t buy an apartment online,” they said in response to our dream of moving. While in Russia, Yulia and Irina kept in touch with us throughout the year. A few months before the dream of living by the sea came true, Irina selected secondary real estate taking into account our requests - permanent residence with a child with disabilities. The contract was drawn up online in July 2021, and already in September we arrived with all the things to buy an apartment and live in our beloved Turkey. Thank you Irina for everything! It's very nice that we still keep in touch. Irina will always find time for communication and support. Thank you for making our dream come true!

Lyudmila and Vladimir 🇱🇹

We would like to express our gratitude to the entire Uptrend Homes team for their excellent work and their professionalism, especially to the head of the sales department, Yulia Chag. Special thanks and gratitude to our manager – Yulia. They not only helped to purchase an apartment, but also helped with documents. The transaction was carried out as transparently as possible. They accompanied us everywhere, at all stages of purchasing an apartment, but also helped solve everyday issues. Special thanks for the after-sales service. This company employs real professionals. With all our hearts we wish prosperity and well-being to your company and more such employees.

Svetlana 🇷🇺

“I would like to thank Anastasia for the work done. First of all, I would like to note her personal qualities - high integrity as a Person, which is very important for a client-oriented company, high professionalism and education and, in my opinion, a rare quality - to feel and understand the client, knows how to determine the client’s needs, his “tastes”, style and needs. Anastasia is very pleasant to talk to: attentive, patient and tactful. In terms of professionalism: he has excellent knowledge and experience in the real estate market in this region, it is clear that the specialist is deeply immersed in all the practical processes of his work, carries out complex transactions, structures them correctly and executes them brilliantly. It is clear that the specialist is growing professionally and developing! I thank Anastasia for conducting our transaction clearly and promptly, resolving the complex nuances of the process. Thank you very much to her and your company for their reliability, decency, patience, efficiency and high professionalism at all stages of the transaction."

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Yuri 🇺🇦

“I would like to express my gratitude to Yulia, Shahin and the employees of UPTREND Homes for our cooperation and its excellent result. We met 4 years ago, when Yulia very clearly and competently walked us through the process of purchasing an apartment. A couple of years later, our relatives decided to take this step, but with the registration of citizenship, and we immediately turned to Yulia. The right decision! From the very first step, she clearly and clearly informed us about the opportunities, the situation on the market and in legislation, prepared all the necessary documents, accompanied us, organized and conducted the necessary meetings and visits to organizations, and was always in touch. Her reliability, professionalism, and responsibility ensured success, despite two difficult years and rapid changes in the situation in Turkey. The best criterion is the reputation that Yulia already has among local market players: wherever she goes - to developers, lawyers, to a bank - people know her, respect her very much and are willing to help. After everything that Yulia and her company helped us overcome, we can confidently recommend her to our friends.”


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“For investment, additional passive income and short-term recreation, I bought a 1+1 apartment in Mahmutlar (Alanya), new, not from the developer, but a furnished central part with a balcony towards the sea. I would like to express my gratitude to the UPTREND HOMES Agency, which has clearly professional staff. Select, reduce the price as much as possible, skillfully support the transaction and leave an excellent opinion on the desire to continue cooperation - this is in UPTREND HOMES. I was especially lucky with the representative of the Academy of Sciences, Yulia. Which without unnecessary noise and water did 90% this qualified work and left a desire to continue the work, at least for further actions with this property"


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Airat 🇷🇺

“I would like to express my deep gratitude to the company’s team, in particular Anastasia Kholyavo, for the work done. From the first days of cooperation, professionalism and a special attitude towards the client were felt. They took me by the hand and showed me all the objects. Everything was explained clearly and all the pros and cons were pointed out. For us, as for many, buying overseas property seemed unrealistic and unfeasible. However, with such professionals, you begin to understand that everything is feasible.”


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Dmitry and Irina 🇷🇺

“I express my deep gratitude to the entire team of Uptrend Homes for helping us purchase 2 apartments in Alanya. Personally, I was skeptical about buying real estate in this region, but the professionalism and personal qualities of the leading sales manager Anastasia turned my worldview around and allowed me to fall in love with the beautiful city of Alanya. The transaction was carried out taking into account all my requirements quickly, efficiently and transparently. Daily assistance in preparing a full package of documents, providing complete legal information, as well as the personal participation of all employees, including the managers of the real estate agency, helped to finalize the transaction with commercial benefit. Sincerely, Investor."

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Rustam and Albina 🇷🇺

“We would like to leave our feedback and gratitude to the real estate agency “Uptrend Homes”, as well as to the employee of this agency, Zulfiya, who directly led and controlled our transaction.

Many thanks to her for preparing all the accompanying documents and conducting the transaction competently.

Despite the fact that the purchase was carried out at a distance (because at the time of purchase and selection of the object, we were in Kazan), all stages were carried out successfully, with a good attitude, accurate work and clarification on any issue.

During the process of purchasing and processing documents, when we personally arrived in this wonderful city, we were able to personally verify our correct choice, as well as how friendly and caring the agency treats its clients, how sensitive and attentive they are to every request or problem. Therefore, we can confidently recommend the real estate agency “Uptrend Homes” to those people who are planning to purchase real estate in Turkey, even if the purchase is made at a distance, you can know for sure that everything here will be honest and transparent!”

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Larisa Alekseevna 🇷🇺

“I, Konkova Larisa Alekseevna, in January 2023 purchased an apartment in Alanya, in Kestel Residence through the company Uptrend Homes.

I learned about the company in November 2022 from my relatives, who also purchased housing through this company. And they recommended this Agency to me. Now I can say Thank you to them for the Recommendation, and a HUGE THANK YOU to all of Uptrend Homes.

We had very little time, BUT!, starting from the 20th of November we were able to inspect several objects in the Mahmutlar area, in the Obe area, we looked in Kirgijak. Ultimately we settled on an apartment in Kestel.

Once we decided on the apartment, the company completed all the decorating work very quickly and efficiently. I received timely and quick answers to all my questions, while already in Russia. Then, upon our return, we were met, accommodated, and all the time during check-in we felt like we were under an “umbrella”.

Today I can recommend this Agency to all my friends.

I would like to thank you again and say Thank You personally to: Shahina Chag, Yulia Chag, Irina Korenko (the manager who led the deal the whole time), Andrey Vysotsky and the entire Uptrend Homes Team.”

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Irina and Yaroslav 🇷🇺

“We have had a very fruitful cooperation with Uptrend Homes represented by Anastasia.

I am very pleased that I trusted this specialist: everything is clear, timely, and as clear as possible. Anastasia guided us very carefully and carefully from the moment the application was withdrawn until we received the certificate of ownership.

We are very pleased and will recommend to all our friends!”

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Anton and Yana 🇷🇺

“Many people ask to recommend an agency in Turkey. UPTREND HOMES is a real estate agency in Alanya that you can trust! Their range of services is very wide, from renting apartments and preparing various documents, to selecting real estate and purchasing it. Individual approach to each client, they will tell you everything, show you and introduce you to all possible options, they will take you everywhere you need it and where you don’t need it too! They will guide you from getting to know the Turkish coast before settling in, and even after that they will not leave your questions unanswered.They also work remotely; without leaving your home, no matter where you live, you can virtually select a property and buy it.UPTREND HOMES – many thanks to your entire team, we hope this was not the last transaction that you carried out for us from start to finish.

Anton Lyakhovich and Yana Lyakhovich"

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Evgeniy and Ekaterina 🇷🇺

“We would like to express our family’s deep gratitude to Uptrend Homes for making our dream come true.

For several years we dreamed of our own apartment by the sea, looked closely for a long time, and were very scrupulous in our choice. Thanks to the company's employees, we were able to purchase an apartment at a very reasonable price and taking into account all our wishes. Thank you so much for your patience, friendliness and easy cooperation. We will recommend Uptrend Homes to everyone.”


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Oksana 🇷🇺

“On the eve of the New Year, I want to share my joy and tell you that dreams come true and there are people who help with this
I celebrated New Year 2021 on the seashore - on Cleopatra Beach. The dream of living on the sea where it is warm and sunny from my distant childhood, which was spent in the Far North. There were different options in determining where to buy real estate, but after weighing financial capabilities and plans for future retirement, the advantage was clearly in favor of Matmukhlar. Having contacted two agencies, I received advertising brochures with pictures and prices - brief, clear and incomprehensible when you are sitting in another country and making a serious decision. Through Russian-speaking bloggers on Instagram, I came across the website of the Uptrend Homes agency, where they immediately asked me what exactly I was interested in and selected a personal realtor, Yulia. The work on selecting options was clear and well-coordinated. After 1.5 weeks, we decided on the object, paid an advance, signed an agreement, bought tickets and flew. Yulia and Shahin met us in a car, introduced us to other employees, and discussed the details of the deal in a cozy and designer office. The next day, everything went according to the “green” – in all government institutions where the power of attorney and documents were drawn up to complete the transaction on my behalf, they were already waiting for us and were glad to see us. It’s great that in a foreign country there are people you can rely on and trust!!! We did not have enough money to complete the transaction. Shahin and Yulia went to the meeting and helped on their own!! In the end, everything went quickly and professionally, we still had days to walk around the outskirts of the city and the seashore!!! With all my heart and in the most sincere words, I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for your individual approach, for your sincerity and warmth, for your professionalism and tolerance, for helping to make your dream come true and not lose faith in humanity, openness and sincerity of people!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 and may every client’s dreams come true!!!
December 28, 2021 Oksana"


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Irina and Sergey 🇷🇺

Many thanks to Shahin, Yulia, Andrey and the entire UPTREND HOMES company for our second home, which we now have in Alanya.

I didn’t expect that we would receive so much help and support at every stage from choosing housing to purchasing and installing equipment.

Everything, from the selection of options to meeting us at the airport, was organized perfectly. Good luck and prosperity to your agency, I hope we will become your clients again and again.

Irina and Sergey

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Salavat, Elena, Mark 🇷🇺

On behalf of our entire family, we express our deep gratitude to UPTREND HOMES for their assistance in purchasing real estate in Alanya and obtaining all the necessary documents, as well as legalizing us in Turkey! Our acquaintance with professionals took place online, and we ended up booking an apartment after just a couple of viewings. The options were all good. It was very difficult to choose :)) So far we have settled on a very comfortable apartment, which is located very close to the sea. With a huge balcony and a gorgeous view of the sea and mountains. We are also looking at larger projects from Uptrend Homes to expand our property in Alanya. The guys are real professionals in their field. I liked the friendly attitude towards us. I recommend to all. Your requests will be processed. Take into account the budget and the situation. They will help you adapt!

Salavat, Elena and Mark

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Love and Rafael 🇷🇺

⁣I really want to share and express my deep gratitude to the real estate company UPTREND HOMES for their help in choosing and purchasing an apartment. My husband and I went to view apartments with several companies, but our preference was given to UPTREND HOMES, whose general director is Shahin, head of the sales department Yulia and the most beloved person, real estate expert Yulechka.So much attention, so much kindness, so much patience on their part won us over and we traveled with them for many days until late in the evening and finally chose a luxurious apartment in Alara Park. But we had to leave already, we had a hotel voucher for 15 days, and my husband and I, without any doubt, wrote a power of attorney for Shahin at the notary to buy this apartment for us and register it in our name. He also helped us open a bank account. To which, upon arrival home, we sent money for the apartment, and he, using this power of attorney, withdrew it and paid for everything.We have already received the tapa. We are endlessly grateful to them all for their help, efficiency, and honesty. The kindest people, very honest and decent, which is rare to find these days. We loved them very much and want to see them in Mahmutlar as soon as possible.

Love and Rafael

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Marat and Sabur 🇷🇺

I really want to share and express my deep gratitude to the real estate company UPTREND HOMES for their help in choosing and purchasing an apartment. My husband was offered several companies, but he chose this one. Julia provided so much attention, patience and care.He came to an unfamiliar country to settle; many questions arose regarding the purchase of housing, and Yulia and their company handled this perfectly. From several options, Marat chose the one he liked, with a beautiful view. Having paid for part of the apartment, he leaves and in November 2021 flies to Alanya again to complete the paperwork. During this time we were provided with free accommodation in the apartment. But the husband urgently needed to fly home and, without any doubt, he wrote a power of attorney for Yulia at the notary, she prepared all the documentation and received the tapa.She also helped us open a bank account to buy a home. Very honest, decent people, which is very rare these days.And our large and friendly family was completely satisfied with the service and work of the company and we are looking forward to moving to Alanya. Marat and Sabur. Link to post on Instagram

Sasha, Olga, Igor🇺🇦

We would like to share our experience of communicating and working with a professional team of realtors from Alanya. Despite the fact that our communication began with an advertisement for the Uptrend Homes agency in the Google search engine, we trusted Yulia and Shahin and all our desires and hopes came true. The entire process from choosing an object to receiving the keys was completed in one breath with completely highly professional support in our field, as well as psychological support for us. All actions and decisions were previously agreed upon with us and implemented in the shortest possible time. Our family was completely satisfied with the service of Uptrend Homes, and we are also happy to continue communication and friendship with the team in the beautiful city of Alanya. Sasha, Olga, Igor... Alanya June 2021

Marina and Dmitry 🇷🇺

Our acquaintance with the UpTrend Homes agency happened before we decided to buy an apartment in Alanya. This was a shoot for the launch of my website. Even then, their love for the business became obvious. The attention Yulia and Shahin pay to every detail in their work is the same with every client, without exception.And when my husband and I decided to purchase real estate, we turned to them without hesitation. We have never regretted it.At first, we received a large number of proposals for our request. We didn’t have such a large amount at our disposal, and the guys made us happy that getting a loan for foreigners is not difficult if the conditions are met. But first, a choice! It's incredible, but one day was enough for us. It’s an indescribable feeling when you walk into an apartment and realize: “she’s the one!” I want to live in it!” The house was just rented out, completely new and everything we dreamed of. It was necessary to pay a deposit, because such apartments do not sit idle, and Shahin, under his own responsibility, vouched for us while we were resolving the issue of transferring funds.On this issue, like everything else, we received instructions and a lot of useful advice from Yulia.Thanks to this support, we did not have any difficulties with the bank and we received approval for the missing amount. By the way, specialists from the agency accompanied us on all trips, clarified all the points themselves and passed them on to us in detail. This is invaluable when purchasing property abroad, where everything is in a different language.It took three days from concluding the deal to receiving the documents in hand (it fell on the holidays), and our lease on the apartment where we lived before the purchase had ended. And no, we didn’t end up on the street, Shahin and Yulia provided us with a temporary apartment, helped us move and at the same time took us to different stores so that we could buy everything we needed for our new one.They even bought the chandeliers and hooks for the bathroom together, and the next day they sent a craftsman to install everything.All we had to do was move in, unpack our things and live in the finished dream apartment.It was an exciting period, but thanks to successful cooperation, it became happy for us.Many thanks to the guys and continued prosperity of UpTrend Homes! Choose a family agency, because then you will really feel like part of this family. I say this from my own experience.PS, after receiving the documents, communication does not end, all questions that arise can be safely asked and you will receive an answer and help.

Marina. With thanks!


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Anatoly and Larisa 🇷🇺

I would like to express my gratitude to General Director Shahin, employees Yulia and Irina of Uptrend Homes for the successful completion of the transaction for the purchase of an apartment in Turkey, Avsallar district. These are knowledgeable, competent, responsible, professional specialists in their field, with whom it is easy and comfortable to work! All stages of the purchase were carried out with precise work and explanations on any issue! Thank you for the conscientious work done, for the efforts made, and most importantly for the excellent result! Good luck in your future work! I recommend to all!!! 11/25/2020

Dmitry Aleevsky 🇷🇺

“I, as a professional investor, would like to thank Shahin Çag for his sensitive, responsible, impeccable support of the purchase and sale transactions of 7 real estate properties in Alanya.

Having known Shahin for 3 years, I can recommend him as a very competent and experienced specialist in the selection and purchase of residential and commercial real estate in Alanya County, Turkey.


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