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Buying real estate online in Turkey. What are the risks and rewards of such a deal?


Selecting a property and concluding a contract


First you need to select a property and then enter into a tripartite agreement. The contract is signed between the seller, the buyer and the real estate agency, which is the guarantor of the fulfillment of all obligations under the contract.

The purchase and sale agreement must be drawn up in two languages - Turkish, as well as in the buyer’s native language. The document specifies all the details of the transaction.

For example, if we are talking about secondary real estate, the contract will indicate everything that is in the apartment or house (furniture, household appliances, etc.).

And if the property is at the construction stage, then the contract specifies in what form the property will be transferred (building materials, type of finishing, etc.), as well as the deadline for the project and penalties in case of untimely commissioning.


A scanned copy of the contract containing the signatures and seals of the seller and agency is sent to the buyer. The buyer, in turn, signs each page of the contract, also scans it and sends it to the agency in electronic format.


The contract specifies the payment schedule for the property. If we are talking about buying housing on the secondary market, then when booking it, the buyer sends the amount of the deposit according to the seller’s details, which are specified in the contract. Which is a guarantee of a safe transaction.

When the buyer makes full payment, he will receive a document of ownership of the property - TAPU. If the property is under construction, payment in installments is given and an appropriate schedule is prescribed according to which payments must be made. Registration of ownership in this case also occurs after full payment.


Obtaining TAPU ownership of real estate

Option 1. The buyer can personally come to Turkey to complete all the documents. Typically this process takes 5-10 business days.

Option 2. If you don’t have the opportunity to come for a long time, you can use the study tour service from Uptrend homes. Typically, the duration of the study tour is 3-5 days. This time is enough to view and select a suitable property, and leave a power of attorney for Uptrend homes. Such a power of attorney gives the right to draw up all necessary documents in the name of the buyer, without his personal presence.

Option 3. If the buyer does not have the opportunity to fly to Turkey in person, you can issue a power of attorney at the Turkish consulate or embassy in your country. Uptrend homes will provide all the necessary information for drawing up a power of attorney. Also, the agency has contact numbers for consulate translators who will help in drawing up the document.


The buyer of real estate will only need to make an appointment at the consulate and come at the appointed time. The text of the power of attorney is agreed upon together with the translator, after which the power of attorney is transferred via QR code to the Turkish notary system. Uptrend homes receives the original power of attorney from any notary in Turkey and then begins processing all the necessary documents for the purchase of real estate.

Thus, the buyer does not need to come to Turkey, go to various authorities and overcome bureaucratic barriers. Our company’s specialists themselves will organize an examination of the property, submit documents to the cadastral department, pay taxes, receive ownership in the buyer’s name, and also register water and electricity meters.


The buyer does not need to pay for these agency services, since they are provided as part of a free accompanying service for all Uptrend homes clients.


And a few more words about safety!


A properly drafted contract plays a key role in ensuring absolute transparency of the transaction. It records and takes into account all the details, obligations of the parties and details, which ensures compliance with legal requirements and makes the process simple and safe. Those who are busy, do not have time to fly, and who want to avoid bureaucracy will appreciate the convenience of concluding a transaction through a reliable partner.


Uptrend homes has been operating in the Turkish real estate market for more than 13 years, and a new office has also been opened in Northern Cyprus. The company's reputation is impeccable and has been developing over the years. Therefore, clients return to us themselves and recommend the company to their friends and acquaintances as a reliable and trusted partner in real estate transactions.


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